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Discuss CH Filter - Manufacturer Refurbished & Re-certified + Service Kits + Inhibitor in the For Sale & Wanted area at

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  1. Leonardo

    Leonardo Member

    For Sale
    1 x Manuf. Refurbished/Recertified - ADEY Twintech (RRP £110.00)
    5 x Service Kits (RRP £11.47 each - Brand New - total value £57)
    2 x Brand New Valves
    2 x Spanner/Wrench

    MC 1+ Adey Protector 500m Bottle (RRP £10 - New)



    CH installer had advised & charged us for 2 x Twintechs (11 rads) + 2 x servicing charge each year + the costs for 2 x service-kits (per year).

    Sent second Twintech back directly to ADEY due to bottom canister (early revision - yellow) issue. ADEY tested the unit - replaced the lower canister with the latest revision (pure black) - then pressure tested unit for three days.

    It has been returned in perfect working order - refurbished and re-certified.

    Adey have told us that we infact, had needed only one Twintech for a new 11 rad system & that the service kits are actually certified for two years use (each) not one. We no longer use that CH installer to service our CH system.

    So - As in photo

    Total RRP: £177

    Asking price: £105 (including inhibitor).

    Pickup/Drop off: West London - (Within reason) - you can inspect package first.

    Warranty: I am an end user - so none, but for transparency will provide any evidence that Adey refurbished it themselves, as required.

    Post: Cheapest I can find - guessing (£4 approx) - buyer pays.
  2. Leonardo

    Leonardo Member

    Now: Or Nearest Offer
  3. masons

    masons gashead GSR

    nearly the same price i pay now for newo_O
  4. leelister6

    leelister6 Plumber GSR

    Brand new Magnaclean Pro 2 with cleaner and inhibitor, £80+vat is what I pay. Stick it on Ebay for £50 and you might get a bid
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