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  1. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Been to 2 jobs today where I need to upgrade the heating and hot water both have boilermates fitted with potterton suprima boilers in the kitchen because of pipework layout still a bit unsure which way to go any suggestions chaps . Cheers kop

  2. bogrodder

    bogrodder Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    What do you want the opinion on KOP
  3. Darren Jackson

    Darren Jackson Plumber GSR

    I would put the new Gledhill boilermate BMSCP220 in to replace that old MK2. But it depends on why you are upgrading it. Is it just old and unreliable now or do you need a bigger and better efficient system with more capacity?
  4. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Boilermate is open vent 20 old the pipework runs are under chipboard flooring looking for a away of upgrading without ripping carpets and flooring up and causing to much disruption, a unvented pre plumbed cylinder and a heat only boiler is looking favourite ? In my view, cylinder is under the stairs in the lounge which backs on to the garage so I have a route for discharging temperature and pressure reliefs could possibly swap like for like but not a big fan of Gledhill. Kop
  5. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    Not Top Up Mates hey ! I think all Gledhill products are as good as zero, designed & built badly in Blackpool..on a friday afternoon or on a monday morning .the main industry is the co horts of vans on the motorway servicing these way over rated products
    my opinion Centralheatking
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  6. Mastermixlee

    Mastermixlee GSR

    One of the simplest replacements in this scenario would be the gledhill torrent in my opinion.

    Nowhere near as bad as the boilermates in my opinion but fairly straight forward to change to.

    If it had been boilermate with integral f&e tank/had been installed with f&e tank sat on top then I would of said potentially an unvented cylinder utilising the (sometimes) copper pipe which was run for the f&e overflow as a pressure relief channel and just extending down to ground level as per G3 req's.

    But doesn't looks to be the case in the photos.
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