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  1. jonnyboy

    jonnyboy GSR

    hi lads looking for repair course,s on combi boilers i am in newcastle looking for coureses not too far away cheers
  2. Petefinny

    Petefinny Guest

    Baxi do courses but there HQ is in Warrington, its a good course though, Worcester do one in Bradford, not sure wether this helps!
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  3. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    warrington to newcastle about a 3 hour trip , id say thats a bit too far lol
  4. Petefinny

    Petefinny Guest

    lol just a bit !but it all depends how determined you are!!
  5. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    3hrs is not to bad , think yourself lucky that you dont live in the west country, Glow-Worm in Bristol is as near as we get for any boiler training !!
  6. Barry98

    Barry98 Guest

    was it worth going
  7. jonnyboy

    jonnyboy GSR

    warrington in january may book last min see how the snow is doing white blanket and freezing at mo up here
  8. Marco

    Marco Plumber GSR

    Baxi courses at Warrington are very good and well worth going on, but there are actualy 4 courses from memory:
    Basic Electrical
    Boiler theory? - or similar
    Fault finding
    Advanced fault finding

    Can't do the fault finding course until you've done the earlier ones, not sure if they run back to back or not so at least only one journey if stayed over?

    Mr Combi one ok, but done in a shortish 1 day course at a hotel with mobile boiler on a jig so only could do electrical tests - but thats the majority of the tests - he also does a DVD which is ok. But no where near as detailed as the Baxi one.
  9. Petefinny

    Petefinny Guest

    I did the Basic electrics, then boiler appreciation then the Fault finding 3 days in a row, then you go away and use the skills that you have learnt then go on the advanced fault finding, well worth doing,ive not done the advanced fault finding yet but will be booking on it soon.
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  10. Belly

    Belly Guest

    Do you get any literature afterwards Petefinny?
  11. Petefinny

    Petefinny Guest

    Yes i got three Books one for each course on everything that we went through and showing you how to test all your components and about using your multimeter, the books i refer to all the time, very usefull.
  12. Belly

    Belly Guest

    Ok thank you :), think ill have to get meself signed up to the course
  13. rob2048

    rob2048 Guest

    How much was the baxi one
  14. Petefinny

    Petefinny Guest

    £75 pound per course for the ones i went on.
  15. Marco

    Marco Plumber GSR

    If booked on line its cheaper (10%?)
  16. Belly

    Belly Guest

    Should ask them if they will do a discount if a load of us go lol
  17. jonnyboy

    jonnyboy GSR

    hi guys off too warrington to baxi course tue wed thurs next week anybody booked same time
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  18. dancinplumba

    dancinplumba Trusted Plumber GSR

    lol heard you were going so i cancelled ;)
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  19. Mpk

    Mpk New Member

    Ariston based in Howden does gas training courses in north tyneside
  20. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    They've probably been by now mate post was on 2013
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  21. Farrukh Ahmad

    Farrukh Ahmad New Member

    I've been on both the MR.Combi course and the Baxi course. I would recommend the Baxi course as it's value for money. Mr.Combi tries to condense a three day course into one day. It becomes very difficult to remember everything taught on the day.
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  22. Wirralplumber

    Wirralplumber GSR

    Just checking has anyone been on the Warrington course recently? And if so would they recommend it ?
  23. newcastle phill

    newcastle phill Guest

    Get inntouch with the wooooshta rep they do them at killingworth. Also baxi do some at peterlee
    Ideal amd a few others at or near leeds
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