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  1. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    Hello all

    I have just replaced and relocated a hot water tank and immersion heater. The two were previously connected with 14mm copper and a tap on just near the outlet of each. Obviously the taps used to be opened and closed to take hot water from either the tank or the boiler.

    My intention is to have hot water come from the boiler when it is fired up and in use (it supplies the CH) which will be mostly in the winter and from the immersion in the summer. Perhaps there's some way of having the boiler fill up the tank when it's in use.

    Can I achieve this with some electronic valves and a controller?

    I have yet to buy a controller for the central heating.

    There is a 20mm PER pipe between the two with the kitchen hot water T'd off near the boiler and the bathroom hot water T'd off near the immersion.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    Hi Andrew I'm a little confused you have a hot water tank fitted with an immersion heater ? was this tank connected to the boiler ? some photos would help have you got a combi boiler and want to add a hot water tank onto the system ? your pipe size should be 15mm & 22mm unless you have some odd size pipes in your house, have you thought of getting someone in to advise you on what you are trying to do ?
  3. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    Thanks for the reply JTS

    I'm in France. Here PER (plastic) pipe is available in 16mm or 20mm and the larger is mandatory for connecting the tank to the boiler. The tank is a 300L tank now located upstairs next to the bathroom with a platinum electrode element.

    Copper is available in 8/10/12/14/18/22 - madness!

    It's an oil fired boiler located in the garage next to the kitchen.

    No mains gas here so it's oil or wood.

    Renovation on very tight budget so it's DIY as much as possible first.

    I installed a gas combi boiler and S-Plan system with microbore in my last UK house and had is signed off by a registered plumber and it worked flawlessly for years so I'm comfortable in my capabilities and know my limitations.

    I'll try and whip up a diagram and post it.
  4. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    The central heating is on a separate pumped circuit. The hot water system uses mains pressure.
  5. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    So is this a unvented hot water cylinder ? If so it may need someone to pass it, in the UK you have to be G3 registered to work on these systems if not fitted correctly (they can explode) but if your connecting the boiler to it you will need a indirect cylinder,
    But with new laws (I don't know about France) you may have difficulty getting it passed, Strange most of our guidelines come from the EU and only the UK seem to abide by them, you need to have a chat with a local guy to see where you stand legally !
  6. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    Thanks again for the reply JTS.

    Anyone able to address the question actually asked please?
  7. jtsplumbing

    jtsplumbing Plumber GSR

    Unless you have a indirect cylinder you cant connect it to the boiler if you do your hot water will be mixing with the water in your heating system and im certain that you wouldn't want to wash or bath in that, the other reason you wont get a lot on information on this forum about what you want to attempt, is that you a messing around with a pressurised system and you need to be qualified to do so, its not a DIY job, People think that just because they replace a tap at home that makes them a expert in plumbing, why do you think we have to pay for training and spend years gaining the skills required to do some of these jobs, What I am saying to you is get someone in to give you some advise on what you want to do, Don't put lives at risk for the sake of spending a few £ to get advise ! we cant see what your doing from here , Don't even know what you have installed, only you saying I have a boiler and a hot water tank can I join them together ?
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  8. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    I have noticed the forum states " provides free plumbing advice to both professional and DIY British plumbers" so it appears I shouldn't be here. Thanks for your time; I'll take my enquiry elsewhere.

    FYI - I already stated the CH was on a separate circuit from the water. I also stated they have always been connected so IT WORKS!
  9. Gasmk1

    Gasmk1 GSR

    you may b ebritish but you are in france and we do not know the french legislation. but if you want to mess with an unvented cylinder then be it on your own head your insurance if anything goes wrong could be null and void
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  10. Andrew HUSSEY

    Andrew HUSSEY New Member

    Yes I do want to "mess" with an unvented cylinder.
    I know the risks, my insurance liability and the regulations.
    I asked for advice on replacing manual valves with electronic valves and haven't had a useful reply.

    Like I said, thanks for nothing. I'll go elsewhere.
  11. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Wow that escalated quickly. Unfortunately by the questions you’ve asked you are neither qualified or competent to work on these appliances. Surely you can see from our point of view we are just concerned about your safety
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