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  1. Ready Steady Gas

    Ready Steady Gas New Member


    My first post im a registered engineer, not used forms before so hoping I've posted this right?

    I have attended a no heat or water on my neighbours bias compact he combi,

    Fan would not opperate, they were no power at the fan and fuses good so I determined that is was a pcb fault.

    Replaced pcb- fan now operates but.
    Only fires for hw not for heat when called for,

    Also the actuator on diverter valve does not opperate.

    So I now believe that the air pressure switch maybe faulty as well as the diverter actuator.

    Could it be that these parts could have been damaged from a power surge when the pcb packed in?
  2. Riley

    Riley S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Firstly welcome along. We do not discuss gas appliance issues in open forum however we do have a sub forum devoted to it.

    What we need you to do is make a few more posts 10-15 should do. Introduce yourself, try and help a few members with their queries.

    Then send an image of the front and back of your GS card to either @ShaunCorbs@ShaunCorbs @Harvest Fields@Harvest Fields or @Riley@Riley and we will arrange access for you
  3. Ready Steady Gas

    Ready Steady Gas New Member

    Cheers Riley,
    I will send you a picture of my card.

    Im just trying to get back out on the tools again so a bit rusty on fault finding on the newer appliances, been working at a college for some time now so 80% of my plumbing knowledge is all pipe bending calculations and bending skills
    . 3.14159265359 3.14159265359 3.14159265359 LOL i will have to delete some of that from my memory

    I've found the parts were not too expensive so I've ordered them and try and see how I get on.
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