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  1. michael c

    michael c Plumber GSR

    Hi guys as above, what is the best budget price unvented system boiler on the market at the moment?
    I'm trying to price up for a customer but it's been a long time since I changed one of these. The customers current boiler is a cheap make with all sorts wrong with it and will cost a minimum of £300 in parts alone plus alot of work to get back to good condition.
    They have a limited budget so trying to find the best compromise for them.
  2. scott_d

    scott_d Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Best or budget what do you want?
    How much do you want to spend
  3. michael c

    michael c Plumber GSR

    When I've looked ideal do one with 5 years warranty which from Williams and co total cost including a magna clean would be around £830 but I have no experience of this boiler.
    Intergas are a similar price but I'm not sure how long the warranty is as I am not one of their platinum registered installers.
    Main (I'm a baxi man) are cheap for a system boiler but would require an expansion vessel, prv and gauge fitted extra which isn't really practical.
    So really for boiler and flue budget is around £800, looking for the best boiler for compromise between warranty, reliability, cost of parts etc.
    Their current boiler is 24kw so looking to exchange for same size (although it is only a two bed property)
  4. clarky101

    clarky101 Plumber GSR

    Check the Alphas out, becoming pretty decent...
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  5. michael c

    michael c Plumber GSR

    Cheers clarky, I hadn't received any advice so decided to push the customer to go for a baxi megaflow 24he ERP. Got the boiler,flue,magnaclean and chemicals for £994 from plumb centre.
    I could of gotten an ideal independent for much cheaper (was told it's the same as a logic, just only available to independent merchants and not national chains) but I'm not a huge fan of ideal boilers.
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