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  1. Hazard

    Hazard New Member

    Hi folks,

    I’m putting in a new bathroom above the kitchen and need to route the waste from the bathroom from above into a 4” in the kitchen. Is there a limit to the number of turns I should be making before the 1.5” feed into the boss?
    I ask because there’re a load of copper pipes running along the wall and I need to bring it away from the wall a little to feed into the boss.
    Not very well described but hopefully the photo helps! The waste will feed in from the right.


  2. Allgoode

    Allgoode GSR


    The boss is quite high off the floor & could do with being lower to get good fall on pipe.

    I would use x2 45/135degree elbows to get pipe off wall to boss on 4" pipe or twist pipe and use x1 45 degree connector into re-positioned boss.

    If you are lifting floor level you may be ok for pipe fall with bath but if fitting a shower it will have a pretty high step into it,


  3. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    I think that is a photo of the kitchen.
    The bathroom is to be on above floor
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  4. Daniel Hall

    Daniel Hall Member

    Run the kitchen waste into the boss on the side n 4" up to the new bathroom. Gonna need a durgo at a high level or vent to atmosphere
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