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  1. creekchubpikie

    creekchubpikie New Member

    Bought a 60 year old house which had a fire backboiler and an oil fired heating system.
    When I turned the oil on, the back boiler heated up and downstairs rads where only luke warm.
    I never intend to light the fire so I disconnected the back boiler.
    System got power flushed and a new pump installed.
    Rads downstairs are still luke warm.
    Upstairs and hot water are fine.
    Help Please !

    Heating system is a 2 pipe system with the pipes entering into the bathroom from outside on first floor.
    It seems to be that the water is not being pumped downstairs.
    Before and After photos attached.
    I connected a hose to the top of the kitchen rad, and hot water came flying out from both pipes so there is no blockages.

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  2. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    You'll need a heating engineer in I'm afraid, my old son. It could be down to a myriad of reasons ranging from being incorrectly installed in the first place to a cock up made when the back boiler was removed.

    Whereabouts are you? One of us might be nearby.
  3. creekchubpikie

    creekchubpikie New Member

    I am in Carrickfergus, just outside Belfast. Son knows a plumber so will get him round when he's back from holiday next weekend. Thanks for the reply
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  4. Dotty

    Dotty Guest

    One of our members, Best, isn't too far from you.
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