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  1. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    What's your reg number (gas) / what courses did you do
  2. bazer

    bazer New Member

    this as over 25 years ago we used to have too look after remote sites that had basic heaters and now which is banned helium based fire control on high power transmitter devices gas these used to be in large telecom switch sites but are no longer used also the old anolog high power transmitters had a large array of cooling systems which was mostly water baste for cooling I've come for basic advice not be questioned about weather I can look or alter the water based pipe work for my own boiler I paid a gas safe registered to install this and he didn't realise it needed a abv or that he had incorrectly wired up the boiler who was very reluctant to come back I don't claim to be gas safe .
  3. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    1. Have you balanced the system?
    2. Which pump do you have and what is the speed setting?
  4. RandomHero

    RandomHero GSR

    certain cases on boilers form a seal around the combustion chamber, if you remove it the combustion may be effected which could potentially cause major issues.

    I understand you may think you’re doing nothing wrong by taking the case off but theres a reason competent engineers are required when working on boilers and for that reason you won’t get any help from people here and it’s not because they don’t want to help you.
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  5. bazer

    bazer New Member

  6. bazer

    bazer New Member

    hi and thanks for your reply's I'm away from home at the moment,
    since the replacement by the chap who wired it up incorrectly I had the boiler checked again by a gas safe engineer , who reset the gas ratios and said the boiler was fined after carrying out checks etc. and agreed it needed a automatic bypass valve and the boiler pump over run needed to be reinstated when this was fitted and rather than me taken the boiler case off to this a link was put in the wring centre to perm live and demand live to disable the pump over run , I recently drained down the system and fitted a automatic bypass valve after the pump but before the 2 zone valves and goes back to the return to the boiler and I also removed the link and the pump over run is now working fine the abv is set to about 0.3.5 bar and no more bangs from the boiler , I get back when I can remember the pump I think it was a grundfus 15/50 but had had a new interpart head insert thanks again
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