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Discuss Are Easy Plumb shower kits suitable for trays? in the Bathrooms, Showers and Wetrooms area at

  1. Anakin

    Anakin New Member

    I am sceptical about using these. I’ve never bedded shower trays into concrete, seems overkill and messy.
    The instructions for all stone resin shower trays, categorically say you must offer support under the entire tray - a kit with eight legs does not do this. People from the shop say they are fine, but if my shower tray cracks all that easy install means nothing if have to replace the whole damaged tray, let alone mess with the enclosure again!
    I have used kits in the past that have marine ply, and feet. Is it really ok just to use a set of plastic feet (that stick to tray), that do not even have fixings to screw to the floor?
    Secondly, I have seen steel frame feet kits, yet these have the centre bar right where the waste needs to be, and still does not offer support to every inch of underside of tray..
    Why can’t suppliers make a proper shower tray leg kit, with easy to fit panel - once installed, those sticky pads will be wrecked if pull it off later for access.
  2. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Used them in the past with no issues they need to be attached in certain positions as the manufacturers instructions it is handy on solid unlevel floors. cheers Kop
  3. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    tbh i dont trust most leg kits as there normally attached with double sided sticky tape

    normally make my own with some 4x2
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