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  1. phil hair

    phil hair GSR

    hi, i have a leaking aqualisa hydramax bar valve thats leaking. looked for an o'ring kit,but they say it has no serviceable parts and needs an expensive part.
    i replaced one o'ring and stopped it leaking from the flow control side, but its now leaking from the large o'ring, and the oring on the back plate push connector.
    anybody know the size of these rings, or if it can be fixed even?

  2. YorkshireDave

    YorkshireDave Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Cant help directly Phil, but if you can measure it, would have to be using a vernier gauge, to get internal dia where O-ring sits, width of groove O-ring sits in and depth of groove you'll find replacements online.

    O-rings are designed to crush by 10-15% - NO MORE.

    You use the internal bore (ID) and then look at the groove size. O-rings must NEVER be a snug/tight fit in the groove. It must have play so when they get crushed to do their job, it can distort and the rubber squashed has somewhere to 'go'.

    So, a 10mm o-ring crushed by 10% would need a groove 11mm wide (tiny bit more actually). Also, make sure the surfaces they bear on are smooth and lubricated otherwise they'll last just days.

    Always, always, always lube with silicone grease. Oh, for most O-rings in showers etc you're looking at EPDM or Nitrile at 60-70 shore hardness.
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