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  1. Whl4852

    Whl4852 Plumber

    If you ever need to claim, I have found NFu brilliant :75:
  2. chamberlains

    chamberlains Guest

    I got mine with Simply Business, Quoted for plumber for £2m and got a quote for £225. Put in as a Handyman Service and it went straight to £85, I am now a Handyman, I called them to ask if this cover includes plumbing work and they said yes. Not fair for us to get stung for having a profession yet any Tom, Dick and Harry can do the same job with no qualifications and more than likely have a claim.
  3. PlumbBobBob

    PlumbBobBob Guest

    if i were you i would get them to clarify exactly what is covered for a handyman doing plumbing.
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