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  1. John Merrix

    John Merrix New Member

    Sealed ch system loses pressure daily and we can’t find any leaks, this has recently been installed the were several leaks initially that have been rectified but still losing pressure . We have lost confidence in the installers and seeking someone who really knows what to do rather than a ‘ let’s try this and see approach ‘
    Installers have added several bottles of leak seal to no avail.
  2. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Make & model of boiler is good to know if you want a good engineer to trouble shoot it John and has the benchmark in the back of the book been filled in?
  3. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Would need to know more about boiler and system setup. Is it a complete new system or existing system updated / converted?
  4. John Merrix

    John Merrix New Member

    Thanks for the replies It’s a converted system driving 15 rads supplied by a Potterto Suprima boiler.
    What is a benchmark book?
  5. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    Benchmark book is contained in the installation and servicing book that the installer should fill in and give you on handover. What was the reasoning for the system being sealed or was it sealed prior to the replacement boiler? Where were the leaks that have been rectified?
  6. John Merrix

    John Merrix New Member

    It’s an old boiler that has been converted /upgraded, the heating seems to work ok until we use a lot of hot water for bath and showers then pressure drops .i have no idea about the system and need someone who understands these thing to sort it out .
  7. Vee

    Vee Plumber GSR

    I do operate in your area. Message me if you wish.
  8. finchy01

    finchy01 Plumber GSR

    Hi John.

    I'm based in Farnham. I have space available next week if you would like me to come and have a look. Please email me if you are still needing someone. Many thanks. [email protected]