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Discuss all level qualified plumbers required in London and Cardiff Centre in the Looking for a Plumber? Post Jobs Here area at

  1. OC Yan

    OC Yan New Member

    we currently have existing and new middle size and large size projects in London and Cardiff Center require all level plumbers to join us, to provide new and maintenance. ideally part time will be welcome.

    it will be appreciate if you can drop me a pm with a short introduction. we can set up a meeting for chat.

    many thanks

  2. Pickwickpick

    Pickwickpick Plumber

    Might be interested in this, in process of growing my London work as part of plan to move down here permanently (stay with family in London in the mean time when working down here). How do I contact you?

    (Mod S) pm normally
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2019
  3. Pickwickpick

    Pickwickpick Plumber

    Tried to pm but won't let me, something about @OC Yan@OC Yan privacy settings not allowing it.
  4. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I have tried to PM them also mate. Will let you know if I get a response.
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  5. OC Yan

    OC Yan New Member

    Hi Pickwickpick
    thanks you reply and sorry for the delay. can you sent a email to my personal email address
    [email protected]
    so we can start from there. I will pass you my mobile when I reply your email. so we can take more details on chat for the jobs


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