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  1. trottersi

    trottersi New Member

    Hi hopefully be moving into a new 60’s 3bed semi. Currently has no gas main and only storage heaters. so been looking at air source heat pumps & central heating etc as an alternative to getting gas main, combi and central heating. Looking for some advise on best solution around costings and suitability for the property. I don’t have a bottomless pit of money and can’t seem to find some rough pricing around the heat pumps.

    Any advice would be great and if you need anymore info let me know.

  2. snowhead

    snowhead Plumber

    Heat pumps are more suited to new build with very high level of insulation and very low heat loss.
    Due to the low output water temperature they're also more suited to underfloor heating.

    I doubt you'll get anyone to quote to fit a heat pump into a 1960's property and guarantee comfortable temperatures.
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  3. king of pipes

    king of pipes Trusted Plumber GSR

    Gas would be my choice as above, the property is not really suitable for air source your heat losses will be to high and to bring it up to standards will cost a fortune. Kop
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  4. quality

    quality Plumber GSR

    If your limitation is money then its gas due to age of your property but as for running cost regardless of what system you have the thermal losses of the building will be the same if you don't address that first, which is more important for a heat pump. There are high temp heat pumps which qualify for a FIT that will match the running costs of gas with the payback without the need for a gas supply to pay for and wouldn't cost much more than gas as its from scratch
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  5. Rob Foster

    Rob Foster Top Contributor!!

    There is no such thing as a free lunch with renewables. The investment is very high with a long and totally justifyabke pay
    back period. Also we tell the truth here so dont get sucked in by some micky mouse sales person for an air source or ground source set up. Bite the bullet and dash for gas, do,it now prices are cheap until central heating season September on
    Rob Foster aka centralheatking
  6. trottersi

    trottersi New Member

    Cheers fellas
    Was leaning more towards gas to be fair.

    Was just thinking about saving the planet on my own haha.

    Will head over to the heating boards and try and get some advice around systems and boilers.
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