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  1. Antony1989

    Antony1989 New Member

    Hi guys after some advice, I’m a 28 year old qualified carpenter who has always done plumbing work also. I am now looking to go into plumbing full time and currently work weekends for a plumbing company, he’s happy to train me up and in the new year take me on full time hopefully, but because of my age he doesn’t really want me to do an actual apprenticeship due to money and wages etc as I have a mortgage and a child. Although has said he will put me through doing oil as he’s oftec registered, I’ve heard there’s many ways of getting qualified including online nvqs through certain training companies. Which one of my friends who’s also a plumber works with someone who got his level two that way and is now doing his level three. Just wondering on the best way to go about doing it and whether anyone on here has an experience with any of these companies? Or if there’s any other ways as I want to get qualified. Appreciate any help thanks in advance
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