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  1. Tim Court

    Tim Court New Member

    I have an Intergas Combi installed 15 months ago to the loft of our bungalow and have been installing new drainage for a bathroom and en-suite with an internal stack.
    I took the opportunity to connect the condense drain (32mm) to the new internal stack to reduce the dreaded freezing risk and noticed that the trap on the condense has an amount of black gritty deposits in it.
    I realise that this is probably aluminium oxide? If so is my boiler being eaten alive? Gulp!
    (Water is softened but Intergas confirmed this is fine with their boilers).
  2. desrob

    desrob Well-Known Member

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  3. Tim Court

    Tim Court New Member

    Cheers Desrob, I will sleep soundly!
  4. BYP


    This is perfectly normal for condensate pipe
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  5. Scott_1979

    Scott_1979 GSR

    Yep normal, aluminium heat exchangers are to be avoided imo
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