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  1. FunkyOstrich

    FunkyOstrich New Member

    Hi guys, just wondered if you heard of any of these. I'm looking to do the City & Guilds Diploma in Plumbing Level 2

    The colleges I contacted are as follows and I will outline the time to complete and so on:

    Able Skills in Dartford - 2 weekend off, 2 weekends on for 30 weeks - £2999
    Alpha Building Services and Engineering in Stratford - 2 evenings per week plus every Saturday for 16 weeks - £2930
    Career Studies College of Building Services in Edgware - Every Saturday for 27 weeks - around £3000(I think)

    Do any of you know these colleges and are they any good? I have to do the course part time because of my full time job. I've been warned about intensive 6 week courses so I've tried to stay clear of them.

    Can anyone give me some advise please?
  2. veryhealthyguy

    veryhealthyguy New Member

    I did an Intro to Plumbing course at Able Skills, they seem legit. I'm looking into Alpha, I've heard good things but would like to hear more. Anyone on hear been to Alpha?
  3. Scott_1979

    Scott_1979 GSR

    Is the course a theory based qualification? The only one that matters is the 6189 that is the NVQ. Anything else and I would think very carefully as no one will employ you with a theoretical qualification. When I did my NVQ there were guys in the college who already had there level 2 theory yet they had to do it all again as part of the 6189 NVQ, waste of time !! Just have a proper think about it. What do you want out of the theory course? If it's a bit of DIY knowledge for around the house, go for it, expensive... but
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