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  1. Mike Brandon

    Mike Brandon New Member

    Hi there,

    I have had a leaking boiler for a few weeks n ow. It is coming from one of the pipes and I wondered if someone could take a look at the photos I have taken and advise if there is anything I can do to rectify it without getting a plumber out? The arrow shows the pipe it is coming from and the circle is where the puddle of water is.

    The leak is very intermittent - maybe once a day and produces a small puddle and then stops.


    plumber1.JPG plumber2.JPG plumber1.JPG plumber2.JPG
  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Sorry to say no

    As you need to be gas safe to remove the boilers cover / case even if your not doing anything on the gas side

    Please put the cover back on and call a gas safe engy out
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  3. Mike Brandon

    Mike Brandon New Member

  4. Allgoode

    Allgoode GSR

    Hi Mike,

    As said above best to get a GSR engineer out to look at the boiler & get a service carried out as it looks like it has not had one for a while.

    For the small cost of a service and rectification of the leak you will have the peace of mind knowing that the boiler has been checked over by a qualified/insured tradesman & any potential visible future problems identified.

    The alternative is -
    Wing it &
    1. Ignore the issue.
    2. Try & fix it yourself and potentially cause other issues/component failures in the boiler
    3. Try & fix it yourself and risk of CO poisoning/explosion because you didn't really know what you were doing.
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    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
  5. Allgoode

    Allgoode GSR

    I'm not normally a grumpy git.

    I don't mean to be overbearing on my comments but all to often been called when someone has tried to DIY the work themselves and come unstuck.

    Generally it's expected for me to wave a magic wand and fix all the problems immediately without any other issues & then assume responsibility for any future problems that may arise because i was the last person to work on/touch the boiler.

    Best to listen to the advice of the professionals.

    You can post in the - I'm looking for and engineeer/plumber & don't forget to include your boiler make/model & location.

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  6. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    Well I am.....have a nice day :p
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