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Discuss Advice for turning nvq3 diploma into full qualification plz? in the Plumbing Courses area at

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  1. Lbrooks

    Lbrooks New Member

    Hi, I'm asking for some advice on here because this place makes the most sense.

    I've read a couple of other posts about fast track courses and I agree that you can't learn an industry in 13 weeks of practical courses and theoretical work however I didn't do my research but ended up to what I've been told is the right qualifications.

    To put you in the picture I've completed my nvq2 6035 technical qualification and nvq2 6189 practical qualification. The nvq2 was fully provided by my course. I'm now a couple of weeks away
    from completing my
    nvq3 6035 technical qualification. I'm looking for some advice on how I could get my
    dipoma into the full nvq3 qualification? As my course does not provide this. How many paths are

    also I have a few questions. At what point qualified can I register with an accredited body (sorry if wording is incorrect) e.g such as nappit?
    Are my qualifications relevant ? They do have the city and guilds logos on and Bpec.

    Has as anyone else been in this situation and what did you do?

    Would anyone one recommend an ACS gas course?
    What qualiications for the ACS and gas safe qualifications are recognised?

    Thank you for your time.

    On a side note I'd never recommend these courses unless you have a job already lined up so you learn while your on the tools.
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