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  1. Harry brown

    Harry brown New Member

    They can't just shove you off to city and guilds if you've payed them for a course with certification (as long as you've done ALL you've needed to do to fulfill your side of the contract) and they haven't materialised then tell them to refund you?

    Just don't take the free course scam, keep you in the loop forever.

    P.s I'm pretty sure they've changed names from "the plumbing academy" "to acess training academies"

    To be honest I wish I used able skills!!
  2. Emma H

    Emma H New Member

    They offered a course here too and will transfer NVQ from C&G to BPEC but won't cover the costs such as accomodation etc for another placement! They avoiding the subject of compensation for lost earnings whilst this saga has played out and won't take responsiilty.

    Have you actually received your NVQ etc yet?
  3. Harry brown

    Harry brown New Member

    For anyone considering Acess training. DO NOT DO IT!

    You will get walked around and Fed bullshit for months if not years whilst the scum bag at the top buys new cars with your hard earned money!
  4. Harry brown

    Harry brown New Member

    Only thing I have received is the logic certification for WRAS and Unvented Hot Water Systems.
    NVQ is at a future date with no definitive date.

    I was told, Apparently the NVQ assessor is away till December ?! (3 months off my ass) probably doesn't exist
  5. Emma H

    Emma H New Member

    OH completed his with an assessor they sent him to in March, since been fed a load of bull with 100 different reasons why it's not gone through!!!!
  6. Emma H

    Emma H New Member

    Do you have copies of the legal stuff you used?
  7. Ric2013

    Ric2013 Plumber Top Contributor!!

    I'm thinking legal action may be required to scare them into actually doing something. I'd start with CAB...
  8. Fundog

    Fundog New Member

    hi guys,I have just booked a gas course with access. After reading the problems you are having I'm now worried I have made a mistake.
  9. Fundog

    Fundog New Member

    I have only paid £300 at the min but am having serious thoughts to write it off and go with Able. Do you think I should stick or run??
  10. Dustboy

    Dustboy New Member

    Watching this with interest as I have just had a quote from Access for their NVQ2 plumbing course. About 5 grand five or take a few quid.
  11. Stigster

    Stigster Plumber

    You will find it very difficult to find a good word said on this forum about any of the "fast track" training schools and for good reason too.
  12. gingalig

    gingalig GSR

    Access are purely there to take your money, lots of empty promises and wild variations in course prices, they will match the price to as much as they think they can extract from you the individual. You can negotiate down literally thousands of pounds, the qualifications that you may or may not achieve, let alone actually receive are next to meaningless without the experience. They have a very convincing sales team that are trained to reel you in, take your money, earn as much in commission as possible and then move on to fleece the next victim.
  13. Markus Brown

    Markus Brown New Member

    As said above stay very very clear of all training centres in relation to access training! I have received no qualifications and making contact with anyone at access training is birtually impossible I know of 3 different classes at the Welwyn Center that are all still awaiting certificates. My class as a group are now looking to take them to court. The place has been a joke!
  14. Mark

    Mark New Member

    I did the plumbing NVQ Level 2 and the gas course with them. I started the plumbing in Feb 2017 and finished it in June i think. Still waiting for my certs to come through, nobody has bothered contacting me. Did the gas course and placement and all went well. Now they refuse to sign my portfolio off to allow me to do the ACS as apparently since I did my course they have changed the course and my portfolio doesn't meet new requirements even though I have fulfilled all requirements set out by Logic. Been 6 months and still no end in sight.
  15. Harry brown

    Harry brown New Member

    Waste of time, still not received certificate..
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