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  1. Ants

    Ants New Member

    Hi, Im 30, and wanting a career change. Problem is, I have a mortgage to pay and currently the main money earner in the house hold. I'm currently an intensive care nurse and wanting to do plumbing.
    I've looked at intensive courses with training at home online with practical sessions in their "state of the art training centers".

    I was very tempted with this, but I was following my want to leave my current profession and eventually listened to my gut and decided not to go this route. For £7k for 3 years just seemed a bit steep.

    I've found a course at my local college, a Diploma in plumbing Level 2. Is this the new NVQ? I am wanting to get into the trade. I am just worried about apprenticeships as I need to pay the mortgage.
    I need help, I don't know what the best route is.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. samfab

    samfab New Member

    Hi, I am 32 and in the exact same situation as you. main income provider 2 kids, mortgage etc.
    I signed on to the course you mentioned which cost about the same, it is a lot but it is a career choice I am happy making I am half way through my NVQ 2 and yeah it is hard but hopefully worth it.
    itys your decision but weigh up the pros and cons for it.
  3. Ants

    Ants New Member

    How are you finding the course? Do you have a link to their website? I really think it's my only option.
  4. ChrisN

    ChrisN New Member

    Also in this position, I have signed up with trade-jobs to complete my levle 2&3 NVQ's. fingers crossed it goes well.
  5. Soldannyg

    Soldannyg New Member

    Ants be very careful on who you train with. I started a plumbing course with T4TS (Train for trade skills) only because I could do the course at my leisure, as I was in the Army at the time and new it would be near impossible to get time off. Huge problems and a big £6,500 regret later I found myself teaching myself in essence. My huge incite was beginning a career in the building industry and finding out that a lot of so called tradesmen out there are absolute blaggers! Built my confidence quickly as I gave a damn and invested my time in training myself up through the ranks. Wasn't easy but anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Now self-employed as a sole trader and have the freedom to be my own boss. If you want it bad enough you'll get there. Good luck and don't make the same mistake I did. Check contracts and products/services/tuition provided is what you want instead of getting excited by a glamorous but :nono: sales pitch.
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