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Discuss 25 year old commercial metering engineer looking for experience in the Gas Safe Register Forum - Public Forum area at

  1. ConorDrew92

    ConorDrew92 Commercial Metering Engineer

    Hello guys,

    Been a memeber for quiet a while now and some great advice given.

    For the last 4 years I’ve been working as a sub contractor working for the gas suppliers fitting and exchanging gas meters u6 to u160’s And rotary meters.

    As with all contracting work it’s started to dry up I’m going to be sitting my domestic appliance tickets at the end of the month but wondered if There was anyone looking for a extra pair of hands to allow me to gain experience in the field of serving breakdowns and installs.

    I’m based in Essex and hold domestic and commercial tickets for pipework and metering aswell as purging

    If anyone could help me out or point me in the right direction that would be great
  2. richard978

    richard978 Member

    It depends on whether you have CCN1 or CMA1. If you have CMA1 then you are in for a shock as there is no real easy way to get your boiler ticket other than doing CCN1.
  3. ConorDrew92

    ConorDrew92 Commercial Metering Engineer

    Yeah I hold CCN1 as I hold CODNCO1,

    Need one for the other.

    Really just looking for jumping on with someone to gain experience
  4. richard978

    richard978 Member

    My advice would be to gen up and start installing yourself. Worcester do a very good install course if you want to start with Worcester. That's one thing you can't fault Worcester for is there support....they are first class for that and is the reason why so many choose Worcester. Repairs is more tricky and its a skill you pick up and personally I dislike because its mainly electronics these days and the day you come across a Halstead is the day you wish you had worn your gloves because they are like razors

    The ideal course is just a sales pitch so avoid that one.
  5. ConorDrew92

    ConorDrew92 Commercial Metering Engineer

    Cheers for the advice Richard,

    I’ll have alook tonight to see if there running some training near me.

    Appreciate the time to reply to me
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