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Apr 15, 2017
Apr 11, 2011
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Newcastle Upon tyne
Self employed gas engineer 233476


Trusted Advisor, from Newcastle Upon tyne

Trusted Plumber GSR
diamondgas was last seen:
Apr 15, 2017
    1. Kerrygold
      hi there 'diamondgas' thanks for replying to my querie about the cooker installation. sorry if it seems a stupid question to have asked but i do not fit many cookers/hobs and im struggling to be honest. the exisiting installation was fitted via a cooker hose and bayonet at such a low level i could hardly get to the cooker bayonet when i pulled it forward! what would you suggest i do in this situation like i said its almost impossible to get to the sides of the cooker unit as the cooker unit has been fitted within the kitchen like half of a 50p so not only have you got to cut the sides of two cupboards there a void inbetween. for this reason i asked the inital question?
    2. Xsparkie
      Hi diamond gas, thanks again for your help so far, but I would really like some more, I have read your "About Me" and I may be out of order doing this, but I thought why wait for the monkeys to reply when you can speak to the organ grinder. As mentioned I replaced the PCB last May, on examining the old board I found two dry joints, I re soldered the joints and kept the board as a "Just in case" I put this board in the boiler today and lo and behold the fault is just the same, intermittent hot water. Though it does look as if I have fixed the original board. As far as I'm aware I have proved everything that has the ability to turn of the gas, what am I missing.
    3. poppyseed
      Thanks so much for ur help and suggestions diamond,really appreciated it.
    4. Barry98
      right back at ya fella , many thanks
    5. Jel1980
      Thx for your help, would have been lost without it
    6. Neddy1984
      just wanted to say thanks for all the help the other day with my f&e tank problem. went back and correctly configured the vent,feed and pump etc and all working fine! many thanks
    7. Evabels
      Thanks for all your advice, wish you lived nearer to help!
    8. diamondgas
      welcome to my page here at the Plumbing Forum. Feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to share with you my experience should you think I can help.
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    Newcastle Upon tyne
    Self employed gas engineer 233476
    Lots of years experience in most area's of gas linstallation, repair and maintenace. I started in 1978 with the then Northern Gas and spend 25 years there, leaving B-Gas for pastures new! I concentrated on installation design for quite some time but for sometime have honed my expertise in repairs, branching out into commerical heating. I am self employed and enjoying the freedom it brings.