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You can find free plumbing advice in many places these days. Though not all places are wise to get plumbing help from.

This is our FREE PLUMBING ADVICE AND HELP PAGE where all people of varying skill levels when it comes to plumbing, can ask questions and seek advice for your plumbing projects. All you need to do is add a few photos to a thread and give us as much detail about the job you have on, and a whole team of professional and DIY plumbers alike will respond with answers.

When you have plumbing problems in your home it is easy to become annoyed and assume you can’t do much about it. But that’s just because you don’t know how to fix it. It’s easy when you know how, as they say.

The following help and advice page is guidance in general, we can’t take blame for the actions you make based on using the advice on this page. However, if you head over to our forum you’ll find you can post a new question, add videos and images, explain a bit about your problem, and get advice from over 13,300 plumbing members. Mostly professionals, but some DIY plumbers too.

Whist there are many jobs that require plumbing professionals, you’ll find some good plumbing tips will help you with plumbing maintenance which will make a plumbers life easier down the line should an issue really need a professional in at a later date.

If you do need to hire a plumber, make sure you get good recommendations. Avoid rate-a-builder and check-a-plumber type websites. They all get cheated in one way or another. Good plumber listings sold on to new plumbers who shouldn’t really carry the 5-star reviews of the previous listing owner for example. That’s massive now. False positive feedback, always been a rogue feature of the websites thats charge the plumber to reply to work. They can refuse bad feedback to go live on their website stating the issue isn’t yet resolved. Then they leave it in that state and the feedback never goes live. Other dodgy ways they do things on those sites too.

With a forum, you can see that a member has been registered as far back as April 2006 and is still a member now. You can see what advice they have given other plumbers, and how many ‘likes’ their good advice gets etc. It’s all open and transparent.

Though always get three estimates, they aren’t always “quotes” as such because sometimes until they start pulling radiators off walls or whatever it is they need to do, they don’t really always know the damage yet. So they should be called an estimate if it’s a professional plumber who knows what he’s doing.

They will often have a proper van, with their business name on it. Not just a blank canvas. Should have nice branded clothing, but not always. Should appear busy, a bit of dirt on their clothes when they’ve just come from a job to check your job out is fine. If they’re squeeky clean and come at 10am – why is that? Why hasn’t she got a job on today?

Most vans should have the basic stocks in them to repair taps and the likes. Small jobs should be easily done in a day.

Blocked toilets are a problem and the foul smell some of them give off can be harmful to your health. Some plumbers may do this, but you might need a specialist with the camera kit who can look from the drain outside to see what’s going on.

In colder times of the year, pipes freezing can be a swine. Make sure you have insulation around all water pipes when outside for sure, but even insulating pipes in a downstairs loo that perhaps doesn’t get much heat to the area would be wise too. It doesn’t cost much and can save a burt pip plumber callout.

When speaking to a plumber, and they’re at the stage of estimating for your job, try to get to know them and their business. Get a feel for them and make sure you’re speaking to at least three plumbing businesses and not just one a friend has recommended down the pub or on a golf course. The times I’ve known a “plumber” do a good job of putting a bath in to then get recommended to do a full bathroom refit – and then be way over his head because he needs to do a bit more than tiling and plumbing. He needs to build stood walls on this job and he’s never done that but will price for it I bet. So thank your friend for the recommendation, but unless the job is like-for-like the same as theirs, your job needs its own plumbers to come and take a look at it.

Be really sceptical of positive reviews online. Don’t trust them on any websites. Try to find where the plumber shares his knowledge with his peers online, things like a plumbing forum would be a good start.

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