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  1. Ted808
    too old for this sh...
  2. wildflowers47
    Wife of a previously very active DIY husband who suffered and survived a massive stroke in 2015
  3. Jr Williams
    Jr Williams
    Jr Williams Plumbing Services
  4. Jr Williams
    Jr Williams
  5. ChrisN
    Looking For Work
  6. Joe89
    Joe89 AlffiZac
    Hi, I've seen the thread about ex forces getting into plumbing in that you maybe able to give some advice, I see you're from wrexham? I'm an Acton lad but now moved to oswestry. Wondering if at some point I could get so.e info off you please? Thanks
  7. Mohammad ejaz
    Mohammad ejaz
    Hi All I m looking for a plumbing training for experience.i live in Stockport but I can travel.
  8. Stoney Ground
    Stoney Ground
    Relocated from Wokingham Berkshire to Wigmore, Leominster
  9. Rabbitman
    Afternoon ladies and gents I'm thinking of a new FGA and quiet like the look of the new Anton does use one or wouldn't have one
  10. YorkshireDave
    TapMedic - turning phone call dread into profitable anticipation .
  11. Rogerf
    Rogerf Nico
    Hi nico I’ve found your post and I’ve the same issue and upon speaking to ideal I replaced gas valve still same problem with loud whale like noise from boiler, I’ve had a similar issiue with a Worcester and adjusted the gas/ air mix.
    Not done this on the ideal so wondered if you tried and succeeded.
    My gas safe number is 591502

    Regards roger
  12. Jim Goodenough
    Jim Goodenough
    Back up in Tyne & Wear grafting away,,,,
  13. Matthew89
    Looking for employment in South Wales
  14. Jim Goodenough
    Jim Goodenough
    Working in Norwich area for next few weeks
  15. Jim Goodenough
    Jim Goodenough
    Getting ready for Monday!