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Plumbing and Gas Engineering: The Awesome Confluence of Two Vital Disciplines Edition 28

In the labyrinthine networks of modern homes and buildings, two systems stand out due to their utmost importance in ensuring comfort, safety, and functionality: plumbing and gas engineering. Both systems require intricate design, precise installation, and rigorous maintenance, underscoring their significance in contemporary infrastructure. This article delves into the intricacies of plumbing and gas engineering, emphasizing their roles, challenges, and evolution.

1. Plumbing: The Lifeblood of Modern Structures

a. History and Evolution

The concept of plumbing dates back to ancient civilizations. The Romans, for instance, are renowned for their aqueducts and indoor plumbing systems. The evolution from rudimentary channels to today’s complex plumbing networks underscores humanity’s quest for comfort and sanitation.

b. The Components and Design

Modern plumbing consists of supply systems, bringing fresh water into structures, and drainage systems, which remove waste water. Key components include:

  • Pipes: Traditionally made from lead, copper, and galvanized steel, contemporary pipes are often crafted from more durable materials like PVC, CPVC, and PEX.
  • Fixtures: These include faucets, showers, toilets, and sinks, which are endpoints in a plumbing system.
  • Valves: Critical in controlling water flow, valves range from simple shut-off types to more complex pressure relief designs.

c. Challenges and Advancements

Today’s plumbers confront myriad challenges, such as ensuring efficient water usage and coping with aging infrastructure. Advancements like “green” plumbing solutions and smart water systems aid in mitigating these challenges.

2. Gas Engineering: The Hidden Power Behind Modern Living

Plumber installing a boiler.

a. History and Evolution

Gas systems, though younger than plumbing, trace their origins to the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The introduction of natural gas as a heating source marked a significant shift in residential and industrial energy use.

4. Conclusion

Plumbing and gas engineering, though distinct disciplines, are intertwined in the modern built environment. The former provides vital water resources for sanitation and consumption, while the latter powers numerous essential appliances, from stoves to heating systems. As we continue to advance into the future, the symbiosis between these systems will likely deepen, necessitating professionals who can traverse the boundaries of both domains with expertise and finesse. The commitment to innovation, safety, and interdisciplinary collaboration will undoubtedly drive the next phase of progress in these critical engineering fields.

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Plumbing Courses and Training

We quickly ended up knowing quite a bit about plumbing courses and training in the UK.

We setup our first trade-related forum in April 2006. I think the 22nd to be precise. It went well, it was a wall and floor tiling advice website and we always supported training centres, so that we could collate questions and answer them on a central website so we had a nice big database of common wall and floor tiling questions and answers.

Late 2007 we started a plumbing forum. And then an electricians forum.

As a result of those, we support some training centres, who recommended their students come visit the forum and share their questions and advice and grow each others knowledge together.

We now have some of those members that have been fully qualified plumbers for quite some time, providing advice to newer members that are on plumbing courses, and they even help budding trainee plumbers to find the right places to go on plumbing courses.

Some local colleges to plumbing courses but it can take a while going down that route. We’ll list a whole bunch of colleges across the UK further down this page.

Some Typical Plumbing Courses found after doing a quick search online.

National Training Centres, Courses Cover Both Practical & Theory Modules – From £35 P/Week. We Take You From A Novice To Be Fully Qualified And Able To Work In Your Chosen Trade. Limited Spaces. Fast Track Career. All Experience Levels.

The UK Government Website says an experienced plumber can expect a wage of £40,000 a year. I know plumbers earning much more than that. But I know some earning a lot less too. So it perhaps does average out to about that in all fairness.

Still working on this page – Last updated 15th October 2020

Tiling Courses Reviews and Advice

Tiling Courses information can be found on our blog. We have some course recommendations and also tips and tricks as to what to look out for when choosing a course.

Electrical Courses Advice and Reviews

Electrical Courses reviews and information can be found on our blog. Similar to with plumbing and tiling courses, you should be able to use the information to help you select a good electricians course.

UK Trades Forum

UK Trades Forum and Websites are some of our best properties. We have the UK Plumbers Forum here, then, and The main and best three forums we have that are trade-related.

Our UK Trades Forum Network

In the early 2000’s I worked at a tiling training centre in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. As part of working there, in my spare time I built a tile forum that could be used by attendees of the tiling courses when they got home and actually started to practice well on family and friends.

They would end up with questions that we were happy to answer on the phone or via email in the training centre. Upto 15 people per week coming through the training centre at times, whether professional or DIY. So after a while I created the forum for those people to register to, for free. Then ask the questions, we could answer them, then the trainees shared their own experience. And then we had members register that were not from the training centre, which was fine with us. And we became the first tiling and tile forum this side of the pond, and the only one that specialised in professional trade talk, not just DIY.

Unfortunately I parted company with the training centre and gave them the tile forum

The First UK Trades Forum; Was Born

The UK Trades Forum, was born in April 2006. This forum still online now and is doing brilliantly (just had a new phase start but more on that later). Towards the end of 2019 we switched domains from to .com to share our brilliant tile forum with the rest of the World not just the UK.

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