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    Working on this. Tiling Courses Reviews and Advice Tiling Courses information can be found on our blog. We have some course recommendations and also tips and tricks as to what to look out for when choosing a course. Electrical Courses Advice and Reviews Electrical Courses reviews and information can be found on our […]
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  • UK Plumbers Forums – The original place to find discussion on all things plumbing, the original place to find all things plumbing. Including courses, tools, guides and how-to’s. Whether professional plumbers, gas engineers, or DIY weekend warriors. The forum has it all.

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  • Hi all – apologies in advance for the essay. Posted a week or two ago about a botched shower job and had some really helpful replies (tray installed too far back so enclosure is too big for tray and overhangs it; plasterboard also sitting on top of tray rather than tray being butted to boards […]
  • Hi All, I recently installed a radiator and it only seems to be Luke warm along the base whilst the rest is stone cold. I have repressurised the system and bled the radiator the thermostat is set to the max setting and the other valve is turned all the way anti clockwise ( I have […]
  • Hi I have a faulty Siemens DVA3 3 Port Mid Position Actuator that needs replacing, Can get a Drayton MA1 quite cheap, will this fit in place of the Siemens ! . Spike
  • Hi Guys So purchased my 1950ish ex RAF house in 2014 and it has a mix of single or double panel, no convector horrid looking Rads. They also perform crap. Sure they get nice and hot, almost scolding in some cases as I've wound the TRVs wide open as they simply don't heat the whole […]
  • My boiler stopped working on hot water and having checked it out found it was the change over valve so I bought a repair kit for it only to find my son had bought me a new boiler. So I have this one going free, I can't remember the model but it has digital timing […]