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UK Trades Forum and Websites are some of our best properties. We have the UK Plumbers Forum here, then, and The main and best three forums we have that are trade-related.

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In the early 2000’s I worked at a tiling training centre in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. As part of working there, in my spare time I built a tile forum that could be used by attendees of the tiling courses when they got home and actually started to practice well on family and friends.

They would end up with questions that we were happy to answer on the phone or via email in the training centre. Upto 15 people per week coming through the training centre at times, whether professional or DIY. So after a while I created the forum for those people to register to, for free. Then ask the questions, we could answer them, then the trainees shared their own experience. And then we had members register that were not from the training centre, which was fine with us. And we became the first tiling and tile forum this side of the pond, and the only one that specialised in professional trade talk, not just DIY.

Unfortunately I parted company with the training centre and gave them the tile forum

The First UK Trades Forum; Was Born

The UK Trades Forum, was born in April 2006. This forum still online now and is doing brilliantly (just had a new phase start but more on that later). Towards the end of 2019 we switched domains from to .com to share our brilliant tile forum with the rest of the World not just the UK.

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  • I'd appreciate some guidance on whether my thinking is right: Direct feed, immersion-only tank, probably about 15 years old. Lower, side-entry element stopped heating the water at night. Testing showed that the timer was no longer switching the relay, so I replaced it. Since then, it has not been heating the water particularly hot. Checking […]
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  • Hello lads and ladies, I've been working on a new website. It's a directory but it will come with some awesome features and it's well optimised. I'm aiming for a check-a-builder and mytrader type website, but free for both the customers and the tradesepeople. I need some listings adding so that I can make […]
  • Hi there, I have a Vogue S32 Gen 2 in an empty rental property and noticed that the Boiler Pressure Gauge was high at about 3 bar. It may be that the old Tenants over pressured it with the filling loop, as I’ve certainly only filled it to 1.5 bar historically. I drained down the […]
  • How do I check hot and cold water pressure on 15mm exposed copper pipe? We have a Grohe Avensys (GROHE 34222000) from Aug 2018 which I fitted myself, to replace a Grohe Avensys Modern EV from that had stopped regulating temperature properly which I'd fitted in 2008. The temperature regulation isn't working again, so I'm […]

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