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  1. yeha1

    yeha1 Guest

    Right guys, I found the problem, 1 of the valves was leaking from the pipe were the screw thread is, only found it as the water was dripping through the brickwork into the conservatory,
    Anyway I drained a bit of the system to change the valve and refilled and bleed all the radiators but the problem I have now is when I turned the heating on there is a trickeling sound from one of the upstairs radiators.
    I turned the heating on and off a few times last night but each time I turned it back on I heard the trickeling.
    All the radiators heat up its just the trickeling as I turn it on.????
    I dont want to sound thick as I havent muck knowledge of heating systems but have you any ideas on what this is and how to solve it.

    Thanks Guys
  2. rob jefkins

    rob jefkins Guest

    Have you bled all the rads?
  3. yeha1

    yeha1 Guest

    I have, except for the one I have off in the back bedroom to decorate, it is the front bedroom that has the trickeling sound when turned on.
  4. moony

    moony Guest

    bled when cold ?
  5. yeha1

    yeha1 Guest

    Yes, I guess I need to put the rad back on to get it to full working order? or doesnt it matter.?
  6. rob jefkins

    rob jefkins Guest

    Yes mate, it does matter. Once it's on fill up, pressure up on boiler and bleed again. Should stop the trikling noise!!
  7. yeha1

    yeha1 Guest

    Thanks 'Rob' will give it a rty once the room has been plastered this weekend.
    Thanks for all your help guys.