Which air source heat pump?

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by willing2learn, May 15, 2012.

  1. willing2learn

    willing2learn Plumbers Arms member

    Hi guys, my wife and I are doing a self build. I'm a GSR plumber. There's no gas in the village, we were toying with the idea of going down the pellet burner root. But are now swaying towards an air source heat pump, with solar geothermal and a log burner in the lounge.

    I've never installed a heat pump, and not sure which one to consider/avoid.

    Any views on this people?
  2. ecowarm

    ecowarm UK Plumbersforums Trusted Advisor.

    Google Earth save products, give them a ring or email, very friendly and helpful people. Ask about the Ecocent hot water cylinder, and their knowledge of heat pumps is second to none
  3. willing2learn

    willing2learn Plumbers Arms member

    Thanks for that, I'll check them out. Just having a look at the new Samsung EHS mono.
  4. CMcM

    CMcM New Member

    Mitsubishi! cheap, chearfull and easy to install.
    Can use it to feed your heating (underfloor or rads) directly or sent it to a buffer.
    Pellet burners/ wood burner etc - to much hassle, cleaning out etc every so often depending how often u use it.
  5. Nostrum

    Nostrum Plumbers Arms member

    Any thoughts on the dimplex range?
  6. xpertbert

    xpertbert New Member

    My choice would be Nibe all the way. Not cheap but when installed and set up correct they are te best. Back up and customer service very good to. Mitsubishi have zero help in technical and service and there product is not a patch on there's.
  7. fergie656

    fergie656 New Member

    Daikin altherma or the mitsubishi ecodan
  8. willing2learn

    willing2learn Plumbers Arms member

    Bit of an update. Went to Earth Save Products and had a good chat with the guys there. Very impressed with the Ecocent Cylinder. So looks like I'm swaying towards one of their ASHP for underfloor heating downstairs and some of their low temp rads for upstairs. The ASHP doesn't have to do the DHW as the Ecocent cylinder takes care of that.

    Edited to add, I'll be fitting a buffer tank too.
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  9. markfxy

    markfxy Plumbers Arms member

    If you're fitting an ecocent you'd best buy a nice warm coat as well cause it'll suck the warm air out of you're house and dump it outside
  10. ecowarm

    ecowarm UK Plumbersforums Trusted Advisor.

    Markfxy, the ecocent can take air from outside, or warm moist air from a shower room or kitchen and then return cool fresh dry air somewhere you may need it
  11. willing2learn

    willing2learn Plumbers Arms member

    Hi Mark, do you have any experience with the ecocent cylinders then? The plan was to have the vents over the showers and near the log burner, and maybe on in the utility room.
  12. eaton

    eaton Plumbers Arms member

    Samsung he's is very good, and great price, hitachi yutaki again very good, Mitsubishi hugely overrated and priced. Nibe I wouldn't go near as they're like a closed shop and just want you to pay for training etc, I'm Dimplex accredited again ok but controls are a pain. I'd go with Samsung, give Grahame at freedom heat pumps a call
  13. Eco Heat

    Eco Heat New Member

    Husky Air Source are one of the best new comers and very competitively priced. We typically can supply and install one for around £1500 less than Eco dans etc.
  14. quality

    quality Plumbers Arms member

    Danfoss AQ is a good performing unit but not cheap
  15. eaton

    eaton Plumbers Arms member

    I'm the same can supply and fit for nearly a quarter less than the Ecodan quotes out there
  16. peteheat

    peteheat Plumbers Arms member

    All products I have seen from them is direct from China.

    Daiken are a trusted brand for both major projects and small domestic systems, maybe a bit dearer today but you save that into the future with reliability and a manufacturer who does have after sales support.
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  17. peteheat

    peteheat Plumbers Arms member

    The kitchen or shower room are not always full of warm moist air that we need to get rid of so they will be pulling heat from the kitchen / shower room which has to be replaced, so no savings there.

    If they are pulling the air from outside the house (standard heat pump method) the C.O.P. will drop big time in winter, honestly if you are anywhere in the north of England, Ireland or in Scotland fit a standard immersion at least they are honest.
  18. blakeecotec

    blakeecotec New Member

    Have you seen the Panasonic range of heat pumps? They bought out Sanyos CO2 and also had there own long standing range. They have heat pumps that are high temp 65 flow and ones that guarantee output to -15 degrees. ie 12kW at 7 degrees and 12kW at -15 outside air temp with no back up electric heater, yes the COP drops but overall they have good COP's. They seem very well priced. I just did there training. They are also inverter driven (variable output) with 0.5amp start current.

    I also import and fit wood pellet boilers, take a look at Extraflame's low cost domestic range. MCZ products is also worth looking at. They both do combined stove boilers to from 12kW to 24kW and a range of pellet boilers from 14 to 31kW that are MCS approved and well priced.
  19. ecowarm

    ecowarm UK Plumbersforums Trusted Advisor.

    Give them a ring Pete, very helpful people. They will put your doubts to rest.
  20. peteheat

    peteheat Plumbers Arms member

    I know the products because I can buy direct from the manufacturers in both Italy and China.

    I am looking at a small heat pump that is mounted outside, easy to fit works with standard cylinders and coils COP of 3.5 when outside temperatures are above 3c drops to 3 when outside temps hit oc.

    Should be interesting to see the engineers final report, it better be a long report considering what it's costing me :)

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