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Discuss Where to buy boss (double Socket – same side) in the Fittings & Pipes area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Klorr

    Klorr New Member

  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    Just glue two strap on bosses onto a piece of pipe done
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  3. Poppa Spike

    Poppa Spike New Member

    yep, two strap on bosses the way to go.
  4. Klorr

    Klorr New Member

    I know you can use straps but can you not buy doubles on the same side ?
  5. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    Warning- It`s for underground connections and Kloor will go for her guns if you call her mate!


  6. joni os

    joni os Plumber

    Bossed connection not normally used underground. Would normally Tee off 110x110 and reduce to 40mm above ground. Please give further details of installation.
  7. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

  8. Chalked

    Chalked Plumber GSR

  9. joni os

    joni os Plumber

  10. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    Why can you not use two of the 110 x 40mm bosses joined together? They will meet up tight, similar to what you showed
  11. rpm

    rpm Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

  12. Klorr

    Klorr New Member

    Yep - that shows you what I have in mind for the double connector

    PS my dad calls me "mate" all the time
    PPS the reason for not using 2 bosses is that I just trying to be tight - mind you may cost more to get a double :)
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
  13. joni os

    joni os Plumber

    Connections into vent not underground, post 5 misleading. Sink waste can boss onto vent up to 500mm above ground. Shower waste depends on branch to WC. 110mm Tee to WC with provision for 40mm boss at 90 degrees would suit if branch can be positioned low enough to give 1:40 fall from shower but best solution would be to have WC branch coming in at level of WC outlet, approx. 150mm above floor and use new back inlet gully, connected independently to main run, for shower and sink waste. Tell your plumber to start digging.
  14. Ray Stafford

    Ray Stafford Well-Known Member

    A polypipe SWA43 gives you two boss inlets in the same plane on the same fitting.

    Costs way more than a pair of strap bosses though...
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  15. tamz

    tamz Guest

    Or alternatively use a soil manifold which may work out better
  16. tolly

    tolly Plumber

    Am I the only one that dislikes strap ons...oo err.

    much rather have a boss pipe where possible, strap ons a last resort for me
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  17. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber

    I also never liked them. Handy if a boss fitting is a hard job to fit. They always look an add on and if the solvent has been plastered all over the joint makes them an eyesore.
  18. snowhead

    snowhead Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016