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  1. John Eland

    John Eland New Member

    I've been looking at different job management software and from what I've found so far, Orthinc seems to be the best option,
    It's pretty good value and it does what I need it to, not too sure if I should get it though

    Has anyone else tried it? what do you think?
    Orthinc - The Simple Job Tracker
  2. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    No mate. I am on a different package. Sorry. But I am sure someone will have it on here somewhere?
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  3. Dave Plunkett

    Dave Plunkett New Member

    Hi john. I use orthinc its a gooden. Should use my referral code 6I9KKT to get 20% off so its only £20 per month for 10users.
  4. John Eland

    John Eland New Member

    I've already signed up mate, but thanks anyway. How long have you been using it for?
  5. Ant Parkes

    Ant Parkes Plumber

    I guess it all depends too on whether you are a one man band or if you have office staff and engineers on the road?
  6. John Eland

    John Eland New Member

    Hi Ant, there's me and someone in the office plus 4 lads out in the field. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Ant Parkes

    Ant Parkes Plumber

    @John Eland@John Eland, to be fair it was moreso for others to be able to give you better advice, knowing what position you're in. I'm still using Google Calendar to be fair as i'm a one man band and it syncs with everything I need.

    I know of a few who use Commusoft, and hear fairly decent things about that.
  8. John Eland

    John Eland New Member

    Quite expensive though, some cheaper, better options I think
  9. Ant Parkes

    Ant Parkes Plumber

    @John Eland@John Eland, that's fair enough. As I say i'm still stuck with G Calendar for what I need haha. So unsure other than what others tell me.
  10. markadams

    markadams Plumber GSR

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