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wet and dry vac

Discussion in 'Plumbing Tools' started by plumbdoctor, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Dannypipe

    Dannypipe Trusted Plumber GSR

    Got the Wickes one. Its ok. I had the same one as stan, but tipped it over while it was full of water, and switched on. That killed it quick.

    The wickes one is ok, but it's a pain if you need to hoover up dry dust and rubble. The bags are quite expensive and don't last long....if you don't use one, it will litterly blow it back out the hoover!!

    I've got two Wickes one at the moment. One of them was full, I left it outside a clients for 3 hours, and it froze solid (in that very cold snap we had a few months back). I had another job to go to, so just bought another one on the way!! Well they're only £40.

    When the other one thawed out, it was fine. So it's in the shed.
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  2. hammers4spanner

    hammers4spanner Plumber GSR

    i have had a wickes one for few weeks and promptly lost all the bags cant say have had any issue at all with it blowing out
  3. Dannypipe

    Dannypipe Trusted Plumber GSR

    Maybe I'm using the frozen one and its knackered! Its OK on water which is the main reason I'll use a hoover.

    If it's dusty work I tend to sheet up, and the two blokes that work for me carry Henry's, so I'll use them. Can't beat a Henry for dust!
    Last edited: May 8, 2012
  4. SamGas

    SamGas Guest

    Wet-/Dry Vacuum Cleaner Ultra 30 ShopVac 9240429 in the Conrad online shop | 816023

    Best wet vac I've ever used by far! Had it about 6 months now and not once had even a minor problem with it.

    Used numerous different cheaper models from fellow engineers, but was always let down by either the suction not being poweful enough, or them spraying the water out just as quick as they suck it in.

    Also doubles up as a dust extractor as it has a handy little switch on it, that when engaged only fires up the vac when you start using the power tool

    Although I only ever use it for wet work, which is great seeing as it has a drain point on it so you dont have to take it apart to empty it
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  5. scotty plumber

    scotty plumber Guest

    One of these day's i am probably going to invest in one! I would like to see a video of one in action first!
  6. Dannypipe

    Dannypipe Trusted Plumber GSR

    Looks quality. Is is 240V? Looks american.
  7. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

  8. M.Joshi

    M.Joshi Guest

    The specifications say 230V but looks like it may have a European-style 2-pin plug? I think Conrad online is a German company?
  9. SamGas

    SamGas Guest

    Yeah it is German, which means it does come with a 2 pin plug on it.. (240v though)

    Nothing a pair of wire cutters and a 3 pin plug couldn't solve :innocent:
  10. M.Joshi

    M.Joshi Guest

    Should be 230V? as that is the European harmonised mains voltage specification.
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  11. Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson Plumber GSR

    I've just picked up a wickes one. Just using it for wet pick up though, I'll stick with Henry for dry pick up.
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  12. Dannypipe

    Dannypipe Trusted Plumber GSR

    So you carry two hoovers? I wish I had room to do the same. I genuinely do. Gonna get a bigger van this year.
  13. SamGas

    SamGas Guest

    Oh yeah.. sorry I ment 230v :yes:

    Just a little hint though, try not to fill it all the way up when upstairs (as getting 30 litres of dirty water down the stairs is always a bit of a worry)
  14. SafeGasInstall

    SafeGasInstall Plumber GSR

    Simples you can always empty it in the wash hand basin :)
  15. Roger Welton

    Roger Welton Plumber GSR

    Stairs are no problem, it's mre fun getting it down out of a loft. after having cleaned out a header tank
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