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  1. wildcard

    wildcard GSR

    Due to unforseen circumstances i am packing in self employment & have been offered a permanent job.The van is an ex connaught van all kitted out for a plumber /gas engineer.It is professionally racked out inside & has a tube carrier,deadlocks on doors,inverter (brand new),lockable storage,Bins for fittings.
    The van has done approx 43000 miles with service history,Tax & mot.
    The only negatives is the glowcoil light stays on & the paintwork is faded.I am in no rush to sell,but if you are interested drop me an email [email protected].

    Forgot to say it is limited to 70mph,but that can easily be sorted.
  2. Alpha man

    Alpha man GSR

    What year?
  3. wildcard

    wildcard GSR

    56 plate
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  4. wildcard

    wildcard GSR

    Just an update,the light that was staying on has now been sorted.It was the turbo sensor,which has now been replaced.Van need to go in a week or so.Webuyanyvan have made a fairish offer,but this would really suit a plumber as it"s all kitted out for one.MOT till feb 2017 & I think the tax is aswell.The only money to spend on this is in 1000 approx miles,when it"s due for service.
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