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  1. Jock Spanners

    Jock Spanners Plumber GSR

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm curious - I recently bought a Van Guard Tube Carrier and I'm really disappointed with it. Quite simply it isn't waterproof. If it rains the tube is soaked the whole length and any copper tube inside is tarnished after only a day or so. Has anyone got the same tube carrier and managed to solve the problem? I fear I'm going to have weigh it in for scrap.


  2. turnpin

    turnpin Trusted Plumber

    Hi Jock....just had a look on their website and they claim 100% customer service satisfaction give them a call or leave an email perhaps you've just been unlucky and maybe they will offer a replacement should have a guarantee of some sort....let us know how you get on ..regards Turnpin
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  3. leesparkykent

    leesparkykent S. Mod

    Oh dear... not what I want to here. I've just ordered the 3 meter maxi lined pipe carrier. Is your one lined?
  4. Jay The Plumber

    Jay The Plumber Active Member

    I have the rhino, dont have these problems
  5. Jock Spanners

    Jock Spanners Plumber GSR

    No. Mine wasn't lined.Perhaps the lined ones don't leak. My old Rhino tube never leaked.
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  6. Masood

    Masood Guest

    I also have a Rhino one, never leaked...
  7. AMW

    AMW Plumber GSR

    Mines the rhino 1 to & I don't have any issues with wate getting in.
  8. aqua.heat

    aqua.heat GSR

    I have the Van Guard one. (Screwfix by any chance?)

    Just been out and pulled mine out (oh er missus) and not a sign of moisture and I'm in Skeg Vegas with sea air, driving wind and rain and I don't drove particularly slow either.

    Locks are crap that you get with it but other than that it's sound. IF it was screwfix they will exchange for you no quibble.

  9. Harvest Fields

    Harvest Fields Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    I have a Rhino tube. No leaks at all even moved it from my old van to my new van. It is now 6 years old:):)
  10. Jock Spanners

    Jock Spanners Plumber GSR

    I spoke to Van Guard and they replaced it with the next model up. It doesn't leak. I'm very impressed with their service - all credit to them.
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  11. Paulplumb

    Paulplumb Plumber GSR

    Glad to hear you got it sorted. Happy days.
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