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Discuss Urgent Plumber Required for Charity Working with Disadvantaged Young People in Wemble in the Looking for a Plumber? Post Jobs Here area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. ansaryouth

    ansaryouth New Member

    AYP has recently been given the chance to run daily youth and community programmes from Wembley Youth and Community Centre 7 days a week. The building itself needs some work before it is suitable to run activities out of. We need a plumber who is willing to come down and inspect the situation and help fix and issues that may arise. This is a chance for someone who can utilize their skills to make a huge difference in saving young peoples' lives.

    Ansar Youth Project:
    • Run Weekly youth clubs with developmental workshops
    • Run Employment programmes
    • Organise Qualifications for young people
    • Run Business Programmes
    • Run Peer Mentoring Programmes
    • Provide over 500 volunteer opportunities for young people a year
    • Provide teamwork and leadership opportunities for over 100 young people per year
    We are one of the only organisations in the UK that is completely young person led and removes all participation barriers. If we had to stop our services due to lack of support over 2,500 young people would no longer have access to youth services due to participation barriers.

    Please can you help?
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