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  1. Darian

    Darian New Member

    Hello dear plumbers and electrician

    Has anyone actually completed a course with train4jobs or know someone who has?

    I started a plumbing course with them but looking on the forums I realise I haven't seen anyone saying they have completed it. I am worried it is a scam. I just hope I get a real certificate at the end!
  2. Guitarjon

    Guitarjon New Member

    I'm starting to find the same thing here. I fully understand that an apprenticeship is the way the majority if plumbers get into plumbing but what if your too old for an apprenticeship like myself? I've signed up with train4jobs going to take around 3 years to finish lv4. Guy who came to house was a typical salesman bloke. Course sounds great and to be honest I'm looking forward to it I just hope there is a job at the end of it somewhere, not too worried about wage u til I have more experienced. My dad said if owt else at least I'll be able to be self employed. Ideally I'd like to work within a company for a few years thouh until I've gained more experience.

    Any feedback from people who have done it would be appreciated.
  3. A1P

    A1P GSR

    I replied in detail to your previous post 'Hi I am a trainee plumber saying hello'.I won't repeat it all.I will just say do your own research.Ask to be put in contact with a number of people who have completed the course and are successfully employed.The response will be interesting.It is highly unlikely you will find any/very few on here who have followed this route.
    Talk to your local tech and see what they advise you do.
    Talk to a variety of local plumbing and heating businesses and see what they are looking for.Ask them bluntly what you would have to offer them for an apprenticeship or future employment.
    Do this thoroughly and you will have a clear idea of the situation.Please read the other post,I am trying to help and it doesn't come across as blunt as the above!!! Best wishes.