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  1. louiew

    louiew Guest

    I have a problem with our toilet macerator .
    It is not blocked , blades move freely and there is power going to it as you can hear the hum but basically doesn't kick in and turn on when the toilet is flushed and so overflows. Is there anything obvious we could check at all or any suggestions as what could be wrong please.

    many thanks in hope
  2. buster

    buster Guest

    Hi, Most macerators work on a float switch so when the w.c. is flushed the float lifts and switches the unit on. check to see if the float valve is moving freely and do a polarity test to check it is working correctly. ###PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CHECKING THE UNIT###
    1, Electricity and water don't like to mix!
    2, A macerator is basically a blender and you wouldn't stick your pinkies in a blender that's plugged in.

    Also you said that you could hear a humming noise, if the blades are turning then it could be your pump if one is fitted to this unit or simply a blocked outlet pipe. If it is none of the above you need to carry out a ohms resistance check on the motor to see if it's working. if the motor is not 240v then check the voltage drop transformer to see if it's working properly hope this helps! Buster
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  3. Muncher

    Muncher Guest

    If the machine is humming and the blades are not turning ... BE CAREFUL and try to swing the impellor with a screwdriver if the machine starts up and runs strongly the motor start capacitor has gone its the round plastic on top of the motor on a Vortoplast machine or inside in the electrical chamber of a Saniflo, They can blow and give off a pungent smell check for swelling, cracks in the casing or blown out ends if you have overloaded the machine in some way they are in the region of 440v single phase 10 microfarad the lower the MFarrads are the more chance machine may start up backwards as the early sanivites did.
    you can go higher within reason.
    There is normally a good reason for them going in the first place and you would be better to replace the machine or CALL in the Manafacturers service agents for your area to fix it...
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