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Discuss Thermal Store. Anyone ran heated towel rails off an UFH manifold? in the Renewable Energy area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Cubbs

    Cubbs New Member


    Has anyone ran their heated towel rails of an underfloor manifold? Any problemsIm thinking of running all heating in our house at "low " temperature. so keeping the higher temps at the TS

    At the end of the day towel rails get too hot to touch off a typical heating system. I just hope the wet towels would still dry??

  2. Riley

    Riley Plumber GSR

    Only need to post once mate otherwise the mods get narky, well, one of em
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  3. Sparkgap

    Sparkgap Active Member

    When you say running all heating at lower temp I assume you've got UFH with some towel rails? Towels would take longer to dry at the lower temps. Is the rail just used for towels or is it helping to heat the bathroom?
  4. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    If your running towel rails off the ufh system, add these in:


    We've just done a three storey house with ufh on ground floor and first floor, rads on 2nd floor and towel rails

    Heat source is a GSHP so flow temp is set at 40° max.

    ALL outlets, ufh (26 loops), towel rails (6 no), rads (5 no) run off emmeti manifolds, room by room controls for the ufh and rads, all towel rails indivudally controlled on their on timers (the beuty of using manifold / point to point (T1 Wall Hung Radiator Manifolds (WHR) - Emmeti ) all the towel rails, fitted with above electric elements, so if they want to boost the heat to the towel rail, or have the heating turned off in the summer, the towel rails are still toasty :)

    Carefull not to run the heating AND the elements at the same time, else you could be using the heating elements to heat the house :) The advantage is that each one is on its own actuator so when turned off from the heating system they are effectively isolated.
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