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  1. Jezzer101

    Jezzer101 New Member

    I have an Electric shower (cold incoming pipe only) in my en-suite shower unit and due to all the usual problems would prefer to add a a cold pipe (so I can install a non-electric unit) from the hot water feeding the basin which sits next to the shower cubicle. The heating system is Gas combi boiler. Just wondering if I can do this without any issues or if there could be any problems with it - I know that if this was being done from scratch would be best to run directly from the boiler to shower but they are a long way apart and would be a lot of work to run a new pipe that far.
  2. steadyon

    steadyon Active Member

    Provided the hot water is provided directly by the combi, and not via a hot water cylinder (very unlikely), then there should be no problems. You will of course have to replace the electric shower with a mixer shower and make the electrics safe.

    It would be wise to check the flow rate of both hot and cold supplies, and the dynamic cold water pressure and buy a shower which will operate within these figures.
  3. Jezzer101

    Jezzer101 New Member

    Sounds good, thanks for that. I will see how I get on with that - there is no hot water cylinder. Cheers,
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