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  1. Rockie

    Rockie New Member

    Hi anybody worked on vacuum solar I have a 30 tube panel piped up correctly sensors and pumps correct but I cannot get the panels to produce any heat above 26 oC they are about 8 yrs old and I was informed they have never worked properly .It feels like they are not transferring heat through the bulb .Any thoughts ?
  2. oz-plumber

    oz-plumber Plumber

    There's really not much too them.
    Are they inserted into the header correctly?
    Are they facing the right way?
    Is the sensor in the correct pocket?
    Is the sensor inserted into the pocket?

    Is the system used as a pre-heat system or is the system through a coil in the tank.
    The pump generally only starts when the temperature in the solar manifold is 2 or 3 C above the temperature of the cylinder.

    Could be a faulty sensor or the controller reading the incorrect temperature.
    Is there anyway you can feel or test the temperature of the header to see if the readings are correct.

    Whatever, there is an issue because 26C is extremely low for a temperature from the evacuated tube system
  3. townfanjon

    townfanjon Trusted Plumber GSR

    ^^^ as Oz says , something very wrong there , find a local solar expert pal .
  4. Rockie

    Rockie New Member

    Hi I've checked all controls and sensors used a solar pump and arradicated all air from system .The system design is through a hot water coil and designed through the Resol controller for a 4 degree variation and when I created scenarios it worked perfect but again not getting heat down .
    I've tested the temperature on the panels and the readings are correct.The only thing I haven't checked if they were installed into the header correctly and facing the right way .How would I check this out
  5. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Pump speed / flow rate to high ...
    What is the designed flow rate for your system?
    Are the tubes direct or heat pipes?

    To check them out you'll need:
    A PASMA licence, a scaffold tower and a roof ladder as a minimum, then to install you need Water Regs, Possibly Part G and Part L certificates, and a BPEC level 3 in solar.

    Then you might know if it's all safe.
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