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  1. jrtrrror

    jrtrrror New Member

    Hi. I probably didn't clarify. Sorry. We are re- tiling the ensuite. I have removed tiles, adhesive, paint from the walls. The walls are cleared back to plaster. The shower tray, and basin etc have been removed. The tiles just fell off, so easy that I was able to remove them without having to remove the shower valve (if that's what it's called) I will have to remove the shower valve to tile obviously. So, not knowing how it is connected to the two pipes, I thought I'd ask. I guessed that they are compression fittings of some description, so thought they may have olives, now embedded in the pipe. I worry, that if it does indeed have olives, do they need removing when I replace the valve. If they do, I know that you can buy olive removers, but never used one before so don't know what to expect. I wondered if there is a chance of pulling on the pipes and damaging something. If, the olives can just stay where they are and reconnect the previously remove valve, then that would be great.
    Just thinking ahead and trying to get my head around everything.
  2. JKG

    JKG New Member

    I have recently installed kaldewei conoflat shower tray. Expensive but very good can also be fitted flush with the floor with installation frame
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