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Discuss Salus RT500RF Thermostat not controlling boiler? in the Central Heating Forum area at

  1. Grovis

    Grovis Guest

    Hi. I have just had a Gloworm 30 CXI Ultracom 2 installed with a Salus RT500RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat to control temperature. All my radiators have TRVs and I have noticed that the Salus is not switching the boiler off or stopping flow to the rads when it should be. Eg at 10pm I am asking to it maintain a room temp of 10c, the Salus thermometer is reading the room temp circa 22c after the heating has been on, but the boiler is still in central heating mode and the rads hot all night.

    I have tested the device to make sure the transmitter is working with the receiver and the green light on the receiver does come on when a request to raise the temperature is sent, but I have never seen the green light on when I have either manually asked to drop the temp or when the program changes to say a "maintain 10c cycle" eg overnight.

    I have seen on the internet that these things are notoriously unreliable. Does anyone have any advice? Installer showed me it working so had no reason to doubt it worked? I would expect the central heating mode on the boiler to switch off when the room temp was being maintained well above the set level. Does this point to a communication problem with the Salus? Thanks in advance.
  2. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    Is there a TRV on the rad in the room where the Salus is located? If so, you should either set the TRV to maximum or remove the head from the TRV - no water will come out.

    Have you used all five time/temperature settings on the Salus? You must set no five to be the overnight one, even if it means setting two the same.

    Does the boiler go out if you turn the temperature down to minimum and relight if you turn it up to max?
  3. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    salus products are unreliable,used there rf stats nothing but problems only fit honeywell now
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  4. Grovis

    Grovis Guest

    Thanks for the responses. I have set all 5 cycles on the thermostat. TRV are on max setting in the living room where I keep the thermostat. At 10pm the thermostat will hit the 5th cycle and should tell the boiler to maintain a room temp of 5c. I am currently in the living room with the rads very hot to the touch and a reading of 22.5c so I would expect the boiler to switch off the CH mode and the heat to leave my rads. I am actually going to go and watch the boiler at 10pm to see what/ if anything happens. If my rads are still boiling hot at 11 then I know the Salus thermostat is bloody useless!!!

    Is there any chance that the TRV are actually controlling the boiler ie by keeping them on max they are continually trying to regulate the room temp? ( I think max is 25c+) I would have thought the Salus should be the one dictating what the boiler should do though otherwise is it impossible to have timed CH. Cheers.

    @Doitmyself - Do you mean turn the temp down on the stat or the actual boiler interface?
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  5. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    i just think the salus is knackered get a more reliable stat
  6. Grovis

    Grovis Guest

    @ gasman - I think you may be onto something lol

    55 mins on and my rads are blistering hot with no drop in temperature!

    I have reset the thermostat several times and tried to manuallyreduce the temperature on it using the overide, but no reaction from the boiler or the Salus wired receiver whatsoever.

    Just seems odd that it will allow me to raise the temperature (green led comes on) but never decrease it (no green led, "click" or reaction from the boiler). As is stands I have no way to control the heating via the thermostat so cannot have timed CH. I have had to switch the CH mode off on the boiler. I'll be getting in touch with my installer!
  7. tamz

    tamz Guest

    In the meantime remove the batteries and reset it.
    Then get a honeywell fitted.
    Salus should be spelt shi..:D
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  8. doitmyself

    doitmyself Well-Known Member

    The TRV is a thermo-mechanical device and is completely independent of the the boiler. All it does is control the flow through the radiator to maintain the required room temperature.

    I was meaning the wall thermostat.

    PS I agree about replacing it with a Honeywell.
  9. Grovis

    Grovis Guest

    Had the installer out and it was actually a setting inside the boiler which should have been switched off before they wired the Salus receiver. There was continous heating or something along those lines, so the boiler was overiding any requests from the stat to turn down. Anyway 2 days in and the Salus has been good as gold and totally responsive. I will see how it goes but have your recommendations for a Honeywell ready if anything does go pear shaped. Thanks for you help.
  10. Hornberrie

    Hornberrie Guest

    Hi I have the same problem as Grovis. I have the salus rt500rf and a potteron gold he. Does anyone know where the switch is inside the boiler to turn off the override that keeps it heating as abovr.
    Moved in to new property and its like a sauna in here at night!
  11. jase158

    jase158 Guest

    1. you need to start a new thread
    2. you must be gas safe registered to open a boiler
  12. Billy Bob Bob

    Billy Bob Bob Guest

    there is no switch inside the boiler,as jase said,you need a gas safe engineer
  13. Hornberrie

    Hornberrie Guest

    Ok thanks for your help. I just had it serviced but he couldn't find what problem was.
    Will try someone else.
  14. Hornberrie

    Hornberrie Guest

    Thanks for the advice I'll get someone in to check it out.
  15. greg27

    greg27 Guest

    You may be having problems with the signal getting interrupted, ive had it a few times with them, it helps if you remove jumpers from stat And change dip switches on recieved to match what jumpers you removed , ie. remove 1 and 3 on stat and keep safe , remove reciever and flick 1 and 3 up , this should stop losing the signal , u can remove whatever jumpers you want bit make sure its a maximum of 3 and you do the same with the reciever
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