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Discuss Riello RDB2 90-120 not firing after power cut in the Oil and Solid Fuel Forum area at

  1. Scotsport

    Scotsport New Member

    Hi, our power tripped and the boiler wouldn't fire after this happened, I bought a new photocell as this failed some years ago, however I have noticed recently that on start up it has made a noise like a slipping fan belt, not exactly a squeal but it's there, I changed the photocell and it still wouldn't start, I used the reset (more than twice!) and it eventually started and carried on to do so on the timer for about two days, then stopped again, again I used the reset the next two times and now it won't start at all, I know I'll need to get a professional in but I'd like to be able to give some scenarios to try and save some money, any advice would be welcome and appreciated as it's not ideal in the north of Scotland in winter and in the middle of storm Barbara
  2. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Scenario 1. Employ a competent oil engineer and have heating and hot water.

    Scenario 2. Keep fiddling and have a cold Christmas.
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  3. Scotsport

    Scotsport New Member

    Thanks Simon
    1. That's the idea
    2. Hot water not a problem its comes from the Aga
    3. I'm not fiddling just looking at the basics first
    4. Wood burning stove in lounge, open fire in another, Aga in kitchen, and electric heater (for now) in the bedroom
  4. Best

    Best Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    I can't see why you are researching for scenarios of what could be wrong with your boiler?
    That is a classic 'Don't know much, just change all the easy to replace bits and it might work' approach.
    You are wasting your time and money, trust me! That burner rarely needs a photocell replaced, so that shows you are way off to begin with.
    I already can guess the most likely fault and I can assure you it requires an engineer to sort it. Also needs an analyser used by someone experienced and probably the boiler serviced I guess, if you aren't bothering getting it done regularly.
    Should take about half an hour max to repair I guess
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