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RHI Update

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by JonG1, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Got two to commission this week, then still have another couple to do this year where the client has decided the RHI is irrelevant.

    Going to open up a channel in the Plumbers Arms re ways forward...
  2. Gray0689

    Gray0689 Trusted Plumber GSR

    Over here the RHI was key lol
  3. missplumb

    missplumb Plumber

    weve got 2 installs arranged for this year, both 350kw boilers, but we are now mainly in the market to take over badly run district heating systems and just looking after the service and maintenance side of the business. weve also just opened a new arm to our business. Home
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  4. Worcester

    Worcester Plumber

    Sensible move, as installers exit the business, there will be a lot of orphaned installations.
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