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  1. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    I know that everyone is likely to be really busy but if anyone has a suggestion that might help my customer, I'd appreciate it.

    The problem is this:
    My customer has an old Worcester Heatslave 20/25 and the diverter valve has packed up this morning causing the bier to overheat.
    I have tried, without success, to locate a replacement diverter valve and my customer needs the boiler to work until January when the house is being demolished to make way for a new development (They are moving elsewhere

    (Valve-diverter 22mm679b31648lo).

    My question:

    Does anyone know of a replacement diverter valve that would work?

  2. DaveyHep

    DaveyHep Member

    For the sake of a few weeks, I would just lock it open.
  3. oilmark

    oilmark New Member

    It won't heat water very well locked to the middle.
    Is it the hydraulic diverter?
  4. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber

    Is it the old acl valve?

    If so you can fit a Honeywell 3 port 002. But reverse the a and b ports.
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  5. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    Replaced the actuator, and the pump head (It was locked solid) but now I get hot water, just nothing on the heating side. I've checked the diverter wiring and I get power to the white and orange with the heating, and power to white and grey on hot water. The boiler did get damn hot last night and the burner shut down (lots of hot air vented from the boiler by me, but no burner lockout).
    The OHS hadn't popped the button so I asked them to leave it off overnight and try the heating this morning - they have HW but not CH.
    Scratching my head right now as I'm on an install that has to be finished tonight.
  6. oilmark

    oilmark New Member

    There are three air vents on boiler, radiator style key.
    Can you open diverter with lever and see if heating works?
  7. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    I'm not on the job at moment but I sort of recall it working with the lever pushed over on the diverter.
    I'm going back on Saturday morning to have another go though.
    Where are the other vents then? I could only find one, at the front of the boiler.
  8. oilmark

    oilmark New Member

    One on top of boiler, front left, other two on copper pipe from water heat exchanger but if hot water ok these poss clear of air.
  9. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell GSR

    Yep, thanks - Hw is fine, it's the heating side that's causing all the trouble :)
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