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  1. Vitoboy

    Vitoboy New Member

    Hi all
    Sorry..but Im a sparks...but at least I'm bright enough to know when I need a plumbers advice.
    Just moved a rayburn gas ranger...150l vented cylinder
    Got an electric shower..and got a 4kw pv with iboost.

    I want to remove the old tank and fit a unvented 300l tank...and remove the electric shower for a mixer.
    In winter run hw from the summer from the pv via 2 immersion.

    Can I connect the rayburn to the unvented cylinder...?..I do understand the bomb idea...and I've seen lots of unqualified talk on green forums...
    Will a properly qualified (is it g3) guy be able to this with the right bits...or is it total no go..?
    I was thinking a motorised valve which when powered off would divert the rayburn heat to the ch...?

    All advice greatfully accepted.


  2. ShaunCorbs

    ShaunCorbs S. Mod Trusted Plumber GSR Top Contributor!!

    You will need a H2 panel
  3. SimonG

    SimonG Trusted Plumber Top Contributor!!

    What output is your range giving to hot water.
  4. Vitoboy

    Vitoboy New Member

    Hw output max is 23.58kw if using the pumped second burner.
    It's rated 4kw max for cooker burner only..which is gravity.
  5. Vitoboy

    Vitoboy New Member

    Ah...H2 panel. ..but I don't intend to use the pumped burner for any hw...
    We moved in in Nov last year. ..and had a full tank (ok only 150l) of hw all winter..this was with the pumped burner off and the cooker burner on low at almost all times.
    We only used the pumped burner for ch 4 times all winter as the heat output from the rayburn plus a woodburner was plenty to keep the house about 18-20 deg .
    So my intention was to only use the 4kw cooker burner for hw unless under extreme circumstances when we could use the pumped burner to boost it...but that's ok because it's thermostatically controler. .my worry was the cooker burner that will put out 4kw to hw all day all night....every day..
    But as I said..this could still be diverted to ch if the tank became fully hot..?
    Thanks for your time guys

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