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Discuss Problem with British "Scottish" Gas EMT2 heating controller. in the Central Heating Forum area at UKPlumbersForums.co.uk.

  1. Allen McL

    Allen McL Guest

    Hi folks, hopefully you can help me with this...

    I have a gas fired heating system at home, controlled by a 'Scottish Gas' branded 'EMT2' controller/timer. As things stand, the heating will not fire up, I can get hot water by manually switching on the boiler via the mains switch on the wall. When I attempt to turn the heating on, the red power led light on the EMT2 lights up fully for a few seconds (or less) then dims down to a kind of half power glow or less. The heating does not come on, but the unit seems to still be ticking over, the timer dial rotates as normal.

    Any ideas ?


  2. bigads28

    bigads28 Guest

    Could be a whole string of things Allen, usually not the clock. If both won't work off the clock then chances are it's the boiler.

    Time to call the gas safe bloke I'm afraid.