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  1. Johnygas

    Johnygas New Member

    New to this and know it's prob covered elsewhere but came across this meter today and couldn't work out how to do gas rate. Holding down A gets you into menu keep pressing A just takes you through payment and tarriffs nothing else. B just beeps at ya. Could use some help please.

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  2. Paulplumb

    Paulplumb Plumber GSR

    Login to the Gas Safe website look at TB112
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  3. firemant

    firemant Plumber GSR

    They are a pain. Be careful to be careful. Pressing at wrong time gives wrong result, and you have to wait to start again.

    I find this easier than TB: Have appliance running. Press A, then B straight away and start the 2 mins. The index will come up but may be a short delay. Record index. At 2 minutes TURN OFF ECV. You can then press A and B again to get new index and calculate .

    TBH, my current job for the last year does not require me to gas rate appliance,so I hope I have that right.
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